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Sumvision Sonic Wave Hybrid gaming LED Keyboard


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  • Music equaliser mode
  • 19 key anti-ghost keys
  • 9 unique LED modes
  • Hybrid keys
  • RGB ColoursMusic equaliser mode – An inbuilt mic will detect audio around you and allow the LED lights to pulsate to the sound of your music or game! Choose between three different colours (Red, Green, Blue) or random multi-colour.

    19 key anti-ghost keys – The Sonic Wave has 19 anti-ghost keys to help gamers provide overwhelming destructive capabilities against your opponents by ensuring that your commands are executed perfectly.

    9 unique LED modes – The Sonic Wave hybrid music LED gaming keyboard has up to 9 different LED modes; including Music equaliser mode, custom LED mode, echo typing mode and many more!

    Hybrid keys – The Sonic Wave keyboard utilises hybrid keys that not only help replicate the satisfying typing experience.

    RGB Colours – The Sonic Wave features a RGB colour LED lights that provide a rainbow colour display that flows horizontally across your keyboard, giving you a beautiful and smooth display of colours


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