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Sumvision Wraith 7 Colour LED Gaming Keyboard


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  • PC Advisor Winner
  • Sleep mode
  • 7 colour choices
  • Underlit key illumination
  • Pulsating colour shift mode
  • Multiple brightness settings
  • High quality keyboard with multimedia keySleep mode – Your keyboard will automatically switch off after 3 minutes idle time to lower power consumption, pressing any key will immediately bring it back to life!7 colour choices – Choose 1 of 7 different colour choices! Giving you more options to pick your favourite colour that matches your personal taste!

    Underlit key illumination – High quality LED lights provide clear and bright LED lights that looks good at both night and day.

    Pulsating colour shift mode – Besides picking any of the 7 different colours available you have the option for the keyboard to ‘pulsate’ between all 7 different colours slowly.

    Multiple brightness settings – Pick from multiple colour settings to your personal preference.

    High quality keyboard with multimedia key – High quality keys provide responsive and satisfying feedback during typing and gaming sessions.


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