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Cyclone Android X4+ 905X 4K 64BIT BT Quad Core Smart Player


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Faster speed and better response

The new Android X4+ now comes with a 64 bit CPU that provides faster speeds when running and opening apps giving you quality and smootherexperience.

The Cyclone Android X4+ CPU chipset is much fasterwhen compared to the older Android X4 805 chipset

Better optimisation for 3D processing giving you a more enjoyable experience on games.


4K resolution video playback

The Cyclone Android X4+ media player is compatible with 4K media files giving you full 4K resolution videos with ultra high quality crisp image and video quality.


New Slimline design

The Android X4+ is the smallest design yet! At only 17mm tall and 90mm wide, this is the smallest Android media player produced on the Cyclone Android X4 series. This new small and simple design will look good in any home or environment!


New Faster S905 chipset

The Android X4+ has the new and improved S905 chipset which provides faster processing speed and better 3D graphic processing capabilities.


Bluetooth 4.0

Expand your entertainment needs by adding additional devices such as speakers, headphones, keyboards and many other Bluetooth devices!


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